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President: David Alvarez, DePauw University

Past Presidents: Scott Breuninger, University of South Dakota; Sharon Smith, South Dakota State University; and Jennifer Frangos, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Scott Breuninger is an Associate Professor of History and Dean of the Honors College at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research focuses on the social, moral and economic dimensions of the Enlightenment, particularly how this movement was expressed in Ireland. This work has resulted in a book (Recovering Bishop Berkeley: Virtue and Society in the Anglo-Irish Context), a co-edited collection (The Bonds of Society: Sociability and Cosmopolitanism on the Fringes of the Enlightenment) and numerous articles and chapters exploring aspects of the Enlightenment in Irish and Atlantic history during the eighteenth-century.

Sharon Smith is an Associate Professor of English specializing in Restoration, eighteenth-century, and early Romantic British literature. Her current research focuses on women’s verse satire of the long eighteenth century. At South Dakota State University, Dr. Smith serves as the Graduate Coordinator for the English M.A. Program and as a faculty member for Women’s and Gender Studies and the Honors College. Her work has appeared in The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, Eighteenth-Century Fiction, and other journals.

Secretary-Treasurer: Jeanne Hageman, North Dakota State University

Newsletter Editor: Jeanine Casler, Northwestern University

Jeanine Casler has been newsletter editor since the fall of 2010. She teaches various courses in writing and literature (from Engineering Design and Communication to the Gothic novel) at Northwestern University. She has published on eighteenth-century women novelists, the representations of aging in literature, and widowhood, among other topics, and her edition of Clara Reeve’s School for Widows (University of Delaware Press) came out in 2000. Her current project is a book on women writing satire during the long eighteenth century, which will provide further evidence (with all due respect to Christopher Hitchens and Jerry Lewis) that women are funny and have been for some time.

Website Manager: Geremy Carnes, Lindenwood University

Geremy Carnes is Associate Professor and Program Director of English at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He has published essays on the religious contexts of Restoration drama, the eighteenth-century novel, and the heroic verse epistle tradition. His book, The Papist Represented: Literature and the English Catholic Community, 1688-1791 (University of Delaware Press, 2017) examines eighteenth-century literary works which strive to represent English Catholics sympathetically as the nation adjusted to the permanent minority status of the Catholic community.

Members-at-Large: Jennifer Frangos, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Kit Kincade, Indiana State University; Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma